Pastor Carolyn

Pastor Carolyn Smith

Pastor Carolyn

Graduate of Methodist Seminary in Ohio


Boardman High School

University of the state of New York

Youngstown state University

Methodist Theological Seminary in Ohio

Additional training:

Certified Psychiatric Nurse

Critical Stress Debriefing Leader

Churches or Appointments Served:

Wellsville Parish

Salem UMC (Fredericktown)

Green Valley ( Mt. Vernon)

Otsego/ Bethel Charge ( Norwich/ New Concord)

Carolyn’s three strongest gifts for ministry:

Passionate Worship & Preaching

Able to relate biblical teaching and current events

Risk Taking Mission / Outreach

Committed to growing and expanding mission of the church in the community.

Community Networking

Involved with community activities with Gideons, and the Ministerial Association.

How I am making and maturing disciples for Jesus Christ:

I have focused my ministry on the premise that we are the missional instruments for God’s mission of Salvation for all humanity. In that context, I believe that the making and maturing of disciples is best pursued by the missional work of the church.  I do not mean “mission” projects, but missional work. To do this, I am encouraging not only by word, but by example of being more invitational and seeking others to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My directions for my congregations are to seek engagement with others to share not only their faith, but to also be an example of what Christ has commissioned us to be.

What Christ’s ministry on earth means to Carolyn: 

My experience and studies at MTSO have been exceptional, intense and most rewarding. I found my studies to be not only enlightening, but encouraging and very practical for the context of my life and ministry. Much of the previous knowledge that I obtained was brought full circle and now came together in a much clearer vision of what Christ’s Ministry on earth means to me.  It was that epiphany that seminarians pray for those first couple of years as they struggle not only with the quantity of knowledge thrust upon them, but also an understanding of what it all means. During the January break I went to Cuba for my cross- cultural immersion requirement…. I soon fell in love with the country and the people, God Is Good!! I was blessed with meeting Christ- like people, and building love and relationships with them while I was there. This experience substantiated for me the livability of being disciples of Jesus Christ. It can be done, and our church people, including myself, need to be examples of this.

How I am equipping the laity for the work of ministry:

I encourage and utilize laity as much as possible in worship, outreach, visitation and community activities.


Husband: Stanley Steven Smith

Two Children and two step children:

” We are a blended family with four children and ten grandchildren.”